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WhatsCrop, WhatsApp Profile Editor

Every time you change a profile picture, you must submit it and often the photos will be lost.

This application will automatically adjust the size of the icon, helping to maximize the size without losing part of the image.

You can upload any photos from your gallery or take pictures using the device camera.

If the image is not square, you can fill the space with the background color or the background color.

You can also adjust the size, rotation, and position of images using slider and image movement

– cropped profile picture
– automatic size
– Adjust pinch size and position manually (finger sliding)
– Choose photos from the photo album.
– Take a picture with the camera
– Rotation control
– Choose the background color of the image

– Choose a background image for your wallpaper
– You can place any image within the circle profile icon!
– Instant picture quality improvement!
– With more than 156 background images and 36 picture frames

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