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Whatsapp Chat Text To Speech Translater 2020

We say this is a text-to-speech application that reads any text you enter! This work currently includes:

* Slider size, speed and speed
* Easy and intuitive interface (counter design)
* Custom color
* Different ringtones, English, UK, Jarvis and more!
* Different sound patterns
* Save to file (ringtone in file)
* Withdrawal list with descriptive text
* Install the files you created as sound notifications, ringtones and alarms!
* Tablet support

Permissions for storage and images / multimedia / file – are used to play and delete saved text only with speech files.


Second, change the system settings. Accuracy – Periodically this speech is used to set only selected text in the file as a ringtone, notification or alarm.

More features will be added soon! Thanks for your cooperation and give me a chance! And, as always, a hard day!

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