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Translate Voice, Translater 2020

Audio Translator lets you communicate in text language, translate different texts and use the dial buttons.

Learn languages quickly and easily, translate your language into written or spoken language, speak your language, and over 80 languages are Spanish: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Korean and Japanese, 44 dialects and many more. Other languages.
IM also corrects a fast spelling phrase, providing the most recent translations and text history in social networks, mail, a search engine, notes, and other applications you have installed. That is normal

Interrogation sounds can translate sounds into multiple languages. You can use the voice recognition system and even hear your translation. The search includes phrases, spelling, corrections, Spanish and English dictionaries.

You can check all your translations in the history of search and find synonyms using the dictionary. Text and voice sharing in other applications.

Voice translation – Language translator may be announced.

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