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Opps Lock For Android Apps 2020

apologize! The app does not use a password on the lock screen such as a PIN code or system lock.

We use the voice button as a password. You can create any style by using the volume buttons shown below.

Sorry, I don’t see Fai at all.

– lock screen of my application, the lock screen is the safest

– Oh no one can unlock your mobile phone using the office lock screen.

Oh no one will see that the phone is locked while using the lock screen.

Please have many ways to choose from the Apple lock screen.

Unfortunately, blocking apps is the safest way to block apps.

– No one will see that your order is closed. Sorry, application code

Unfortunately, this application is easy.

Oh, the application code is very interesting.

Sorry, the application can block any requests.

– You can set various backgrounds for the application lock screen, which are always blocked from application blocks.

– The background is transparent and black, which can cause problems in your application.

– Trick friends using special backgrounds using AppLock

Council. When choosing a specific wallpaper, make sure that the icon matches the size of the screen to avoid differences.

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