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Off Screen Video Recorder 2020

Background Video Recorder (BVR) is an application that often helps your camera record video with the ability to turn the shutter on / off and the camera preview. With many tasks, it can be useful to keep recording when the screen is off or the recording schedule is off. Supports over 50 languages, easy-to-use by pressing a button or a click on VCR (Instant Recording).

Main Features:
Video Unlimited Video
No shutter sound
★ No preview
Help save video to SD card SD (External SD card)
Clean design
Click to start / stop recording
★ Support video direction.
Can be recorded during a call
Turn off the screen and continue recording in the background.
۔ Supports front and rear cameras
Record the video in Full HD (1920 x 1080).


Easily adjust the duration of the camera and video quality.
When on the screen when you start / stop recording, enable / disable notifications / notifications
Check your storage space for free before enrolling.
Record easily. Open the folder that contains the recorded video.
Google can automatically sync videos to Google Drive to help you find videos when you lose your phone.
Protect your video from Grip Lock format.
Show / hide videos from / gallery
Instant registration using the widget on the home screen.

All advice and suggestions regarding the application process, including other questions, may be sent to the support team by email: nqhuy14071995@gmail.com
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