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How to Read WhatsApp Deleted Sms 2020

Notisave application is a amazing application for all Android and iPhone users in this app you save your all notification with full SMS but how to use this app,

If you are friends send you SMS on WhatsApp but he deleted his SMS early e you cannot see this SMS you want to read this sms it’s impossible but how to read this sms and how to make it possible

You want to download notisave application in your Android device and allow all settings then minimise you are this app nota saver then now you are friend send you SMS on WhatsApp if they delete their SMS but his SMS save in notisave application

so how to use this application first of all download now this app in your Android device then open now in your Android device give him all allow settings then its work properly in your device in this app you give allow many applications that’s who you need to save their notifications Instagram Facebook messenger

WhatsApp allowed them this application save all notifications of there apps if you are allowed there settings on these apps,


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