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Chat Icon Head’s For All Social Apps 2020

Online chat lets you create chat chats for any messaging app or event. It organizes all your conversations in one place to help you maintain simple conversations without interrupting your current assignment, so you can read all the messages online without the need for an internet connection. Can answer. By default, it supports more than 20 instant messaging. This is also good if you want all notifications to appear in chat headers. You can also customize the appearance of the chat to suit your needs using different colors and transparency.

Chat support for all applications
Privacy mode. Read and reply to your latest messages and hide from others without an internet connection!
Multiple Window Format / Multitasking Mode – Chat at the top of any window!
Full Control – New chat heads will pile on top of each other and windows won’t be confused.
Don’t worry, suspend the chat header service and stop receiving notifications.
App Blacklist – Disable the chat header for specific application popups
Blocked users – Disable chat headers for some users.
Screen Lock Support. Chat directly with the Messenger lock screen.

About the creatures
No ads
Quick responses – Allows you to respond with the preview without opening the chat bubble
Mark messages directly in the chat header
Don’t miss the last conversation and any previous conversations.
Chat colors and themes
Open all chat app headers
Bubble Transparency & Chat Window
Different descriptive topics

Supported by default messenger
AG Adagout
Eagle Owl
Facebook messenger
step back
In the group
Messenger Lite (for Android N +)
Android message
Instagram (for Android N +)
Google Voice
Reset (Android N +)
Telegram (for Android N +)
And more ..

Supported Apps Report (Pro)
Eagle Owl
Hangouts (requires Android Auto app)
Textra (Requires Android Auto and Automatic integration in Textra settings)
And more .

A messaging program that works manually but is not yet supported.
Combi SMS
Fast email
Aqua Mi
Evil SMS
In addition to SMS
Parallel space
Most standard messaging apps
And much more …

You can add your app and add apps in which you want to include header chat in the app settings. Chat headers will appear when a notification is received.

* The response function will only appear in applications that support this notification.

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